Our Impact

Spreading the LOVE at Majengo for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Meet the 5 new Majengo children who are bringing a bunch of extra LOVE to MCH. Meet Saida. Saida is 3 years old and loves to dance, run and draw. She has settled in well at Majengo, where she has made a ton of new friends! Saida can usually be found on… Read more

Looking Back on 2017 & Building 2018

YEAR END REPORT: 2017 Successes & 2018 Initiatives We have accomplished so much in 2017 thanks to the generosity of our supporters. We were able to help the Majengo children grow and thrive, and complete several critical projects at the same time. We could not have done this without YOU. 2017 SUCCESSES: Clean Drinking Water:… Read more

Enriching the community with the Majengo Pre-School

Majengo Children’s Home Community Development Project: Majengo Pre-School Every day at 7:00am, 24 tiny students walk from their homes and come to Majengo Children’s Home to attend pre-school. Majengo’s Pre-School is available for the most vulnerable children in the Majengo community who need academic support, and who would not otherwise have an opportunity to go… Read more