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About Majengo

What We Do

Scroll down to see how we are handling COVID-19 at Majengo.

Coronavirus Handwashing Emergency Kit (CHEK)

Each CHEK will include soap, a bucket for water with a tap critical in areas without running water, and an information booklet about social distancing, hand washing and coronavirus.

CHEK+ [Food Pack]

A Food Pack will subsidize a family’s food for one month. It will include basics like:
Cooking oil
Ugali (a local polenta)
Makande (a local corn and bean mixture)


Maintaining a centre with accessible roads, beds to sleep in and security helps make Majengo a safe and secure home.

Hygiene & sanitation

Hygiene and sanitation is critical to keeping all of the children healthy, including those with chronic health conditions. Proper sinks, clean drinking water, bathrooms, and hygiene programs prevent the spread of germs and diseases.


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela. We provide uniforms, school fees, books and any materials that make going to school possible.

Health & Wellbeing

Maintaining the physical and emotional health of each child is integral to their growth and development. This includes providing regular medical care, treatment for children with chronic illnesses, health training programs, and faith programs to allow each child to practice the religion of their choice.

Community Development

We provide schooling and food security to some of the most vulnerable children in the surrounding area, helping to empower their communities. These programs include: a pre-school, a Live-Out Program, and a Masai Girls Education Program.

Food security

Keeping food on the table helps our kids grow and thrive. In addition to providing healthy balanced meals, we also have a farm and garden to ensure continuous food security and to teach farming skills.