11 Facts on our 11th Birthday!

Happy 11th Birthday Majengo!


Eleven years ago this month, Majengo was born. We wouldn’t be here today without your support over the years, and your commitment to our growing number of Majengo children. In honour of our 11th birthday, here are 11 things you might not know about Majengo!

11 Fun Facts About Majengo


1. We have 4 sets of twins and 14 sets of siblings living at Majengo.


2. The houses at Majengo are called Tiger, Manyara, Serengeti, and Kilimanjaro, and were all named by the children.

3. We have 40 pre-school students who come to Majengo every day for classes and two hot meals.

4. The primary school children walk almost 3 km to school and 3 km back every day – about an hour and a half of walking!


5. We have 18 local staff:

– 1 gardener
– 4 cleaners
– 1 head matron
– 3 cooks
– 2 teachers
– 2 security guards
– 1 animal minder
– 1 social worker
– 1 nurse
– 1 driver
– 1 manager

…and while they have their individual roles, they all help provide love and guidance to the Majengo children.


6.  Normally we have 3 meals a day and one snack, but during Ramadan we serve an extra meal in the night (called Sahoor) for our children observing Ramadan.

7. We celebrate many holidays at Majengo as we support all religions! These celebrations include Easter, Maulidi, Eid, Christmas and New Years!

8. We use 200kg (441 lbs!) of rice every month to feed all the Majengo kids and preschool students.


9. We have a great soccer field that we share with local teams for games several times a week. We also let schools come to Majengo for competitions throughout the year…. and of course the Majengo kids use it after school and on the weekends for some healthy competition and exercise!

10. We have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 4 cows, 5 goats, and a whole bunch of chickens and ducks who all live at Majengo, too!

11. We use solar power to run Majengo. The sunlight, even in the rainy season, is enough to keep our lights on all evening, and charge our security guard’s flashlights during the day!


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