A Day in Daniel’s Life

A Day in the Life: Majengo Children’s Home

July marks the start of the second term of school in Tanzania and that means back to school for our 85 all-star students! So in honour of the start of the new school term, we want to share with you a day in the life of a Majengo child.

Daniel, 13, in Grade 6, wrote this breakdown of a typical school day at Majengo. You will notice certain things are very much the same (brushing our teeth!) but certain things are a bit different (5:00 AM wakeup!) We hope you enjoy!

A DAY IN MY LIFE by Daniel


5:00 AM – Wake Up! It is still dark out, but thanks to the solar power, we can get dressed in the light!

5:45 AM – Eat breakfast. Usually we have mandazi (buns) and tea.

Nasri enjoying his breakfast tea

6:00 AM – Walk to school.

7:00 AM– Arrive at school, put our books and bags in our classes, sweep our classroom and get ready for assembly.

7:30 AM – All school assembly. We get together on the field at school, hear announcements from teachers and other students, and we sing the national anthem, and the school song.

8:00 AM – Our first class of the day starts.

10:40 AM – Breakfast, again! We have porridge at school and a bit of time to rest and spend time with our friends.

Maria in her Grade 1 class having breakfast porridge

11:10 AM – Back to our classrooms for our 5th class of the day.  We stay in the same class, and our teachers come to us.

1:10 PM – We have our lunch break. We usually eat ugali and beans, or corn and beans. Ugali is like polenta.

3:20 PM – Classes end! Now we have 40 minutes to do our homework, and sweep our classrooms.

Some of the Majengo girls arriving home from school.

4:00 PM – We pray as a school, and then we start walking home.

5:00 PM – Arrive home, eat a snack, have a bath, wash and change our clothes!

Wilburt washes his socks with the help of Mama Miriam.

Amina hanging the laundry

5:45- 7:30 PM– Homework time. We spend this time studying and reading, and we get another snack around 7, which are always peanuts!

The Majengo kids studying in the dining hall after school.

8:00 PM– Dinnertime! We eat different food every night. Tonight we are having cooked bananas, with potatoes and beans and a piece of watermelon.

9:00 PM– Brush our teeth and prepare for bed.

9:30 PM – Lights Out! Goodnight!!