A Decennial Full of Highlights!



The year is not over yet!

The fall / winter campaign has gotten off to a great start, and there are still a couple weeks left to make  2018 Majengo’s best year yet. To receive a 2018 tax credit, and to help build more futures with us, donate online at www.majengo.org before midnight on December 31st, or post your cheque in the mail prior to December 31st.


Here are 10 highlights from 2018 that would never have been possible without your kindness.


1. We have a beautiful new library filled with books and cozy places to read.

2. Seventeen children graduated from grade 7 and will head to secondary in 2019.

3. We tiled all our houses to make hygiene and sanitation even better!

4. Buttercup, the cow, delivered a healthy baby boy. Mama and baby are both well.

5. Our garden continues to prodvide us with vegetables every month.


6. Abdul, Emmanuel and Hussein discovered the joy of building a fort.

7. Hawa got glasses!

8. Our new house, Kilimanjaro, is up and running and filled with our youngest boys.

9. We welcomed 2 new children to the centre: Maria and Anita.

10. Nasri grew…. a lot!


What Your Donations This Holiday Season Mean…
– food, security and education for 95 Majengo children
– support for 55 children and families enrolled in our community development programs
– a happy and healthy Majengo!