A Message from the Majengo Children

Though life at Majengo Children’s Home is anything but normal, the children want you to know that they are doing just fine. After receiving Dr. Reed’s letter a couple of weeks ago, they wanted to write back not only to thank him for his help, but also to let all of their friends far and wide know how things are going at Majengo.

Dear Dr. Reed (and all our friends!), 

We hope that you are fine. We are also very fine, and we are going on well with our daily activities.

The aim of writing this letter is to thank you for your supportive and kind heart. We are thankful that you decided to be the part of Majengo – thank you for that. Thank you for coming along with us all and ensure our health by giving us ways on how to fight with coronavirus.

We thank you for the service that you have been providing to us for the last couple years. We are very happy to hear that you carried our smiles back to the North America as a treasure. We are also very lucky to know you Doctor Reed. We are very happy to hear you are saying that you are very glad to help us, your Majengo family.

We really appreciate you all together with mama Simone and all our other sponsors.  You helped us settle when school closed down and helped us make good plans of frequently washing our hands and staying inside for our safety.

We have more than a hundred reasons to thank you for reminding us about coronavirus and tell us what to do in order to fight against it. As you said that the virus is very lazy and has a trouble travelling more than two meters. We are now trying to stay far from others, wash our hands all the time and do whatever we must to fight against coronavirus. And the issue of keeping away people from outside far from others until we know that they are ok – it is something we have seriously worked on.

We are also happy that you helped us! You are also helping other people in the community and began teaching them on how to fight against coronavirus! We are happy to be making masks for them to keep the virus from spreading.

We are gladly to hear that together we shall meet again and have a party to dance and sing together. We love you so much and we hope to see you soon. To see what we have been up to, we have shared some pictures below.

Your Majengo Friends


Life at Majengo has adapted to the changing situation brought on by the coronavirus. Though the children are not at school, they are maintaining a regular schedule and are lucky enough to have classes, educational activities and materials to keep them busy. When they aren’t in class or helping out, they are washing their hands – 8 scheduled times a day!

The children at MCH would not be as safe and sound without your support. We are all so grateful for the part our donors and Majengo family have played in keeping the children at MCH safe and sound during this challenging time.



Though life is as normal as it can be at Majengo, the coronavirus continues to ravage the community around Majengo, leaving people hungry, and children without the food security of school to keep them healthy. Many families lack running water and access to information about the coronavirus. To help support our continuing efforts in the broader community, please donate today.
A donation of $50 can provide food security and handwashing equipment to one family for a month.