In Canada

Majengo Canada

Charity #: 831444310RR0001
P.O. Box 15001, 1507 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
M4T 1Z0

Simone Lee Hamilton

In the United States


EIN: 80-0441006
218 Liberty Street
Warren, PA

Emily Onuffer
Phone: 814-730-0066

Jamie Bees

Please note that there are no jobs currently being offered at Majengo Canada or Warren Majengo Foundation.   In the event there are any job openings, the employment practices for each of Majengo Canada and Warren Majengo Foundation require that no employment opportunities(full time or contract) will be finalized without an in-person job interview. No personal information will be requested until after an in person interview and a contract is signed. References will be requested. The reference contacts may be called. Majengo Canada and Warren Majengo do not send cheques or cash to prospective employees or contractors.


Please Note: It has come to our attention that various individuals or organizations have been offering false employment opportunities at an organization called Majengo Foundation. We do not know where these individuals or organization are located.Many of these false employment opportunities have been offered to people who have been looking for jobs on employment search engines or websites.

This website is for the business of Majengo Canada, a Canadian based charity, and for Warren Majengo Foundation, a US based foundation. As discussed above there are no current employment opportunities at either of these organizations.

If you have received (or think you have received) a fraudulent job opportunity please contact the employment search engine or website, and your local law authority.  This link is the information Indeed provided about safe job searching