How we work

There are three Boards overseeing the operations of Majengo Children’s Home:Β  Majengo Children’s Home Board in Tanzania, Majengo Canada in Canada and the Warren Majengo Foundation in the US.

Majengo relies entirely on donations and all three boards work together to oversee and implement the projects, with North American board members spending up to six months a year on the ground.

Majengo is fortunate to have this group of people working together as a team to provide input on the countless questions and challenges that come from running an orphanage. These team members share the most relevant expertise to explore opportunities and issues for the children and develop recommendations for managing the home.

Recommendations are shared with the Board of Trustees, comprised of Tanzanian, Canadian and American members, where final decisions on the operation of Majengo Children’s Home are made.

Majengo Canada and Warren Majengo Foundation each have two paid employees. All donations go toward daily operations and project development in Tanzania, with a small portion being used in North America for fundraising. A monthly control process is in place to oversee operation and project spending in Tanzania, to ensure that all projects are being completed as designed.

Additional financial information is available upon request.