Be A Hero. Support a Hero. Change the Story.

We Are Heroes

Over the last 11 years, Majengo Children’s Home has grown from 10 children to 95 children. Each Majengo child receives comprehensive care including food, clothing, education, medical attention – and most importantly – acceptance, love, and a safe place to call home. In addition, we provide mentorship, support, and educational funding to 90 children in the broader Majengo community. We have been incredibly successful thanks to you, our heroes.

A hero is someone who is admired for their courage, and lives the best life they can with conviction and leadership, all while helping those around them.


The population of Tanzania is young – 60% is under the age of 25 and the average age is 17. The youth of Tanzania are the future, and the Majengo children can be the heroes who build a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Today, almost 90% of the Majengo children are 13 or older.

As they continue to grow and thrive, so does the importance of developing new programs. Each Majengo child is becoming part of a new generation of Tanzanians, and it is our responsibility to implement programming beyond basic needs and education.


With the development of our Transition and Community Reintegration Programs, we aim to help each child develop into a responsible citizen with the capabilities to live independently and fully, and in turn, provide support for others in the future. These programs have been designed to help build skills, create support networks, and develop confidence. In addition to basic needs and education, Majengo is providing training programs, apprenticeship opportunities, skill building, and counselling for children and their relatives. These initiatives will help the Majengo graduates adjust to living within the broader community, as well as provide help to families and guardians to ease this transition.

Together, we are building heroes.


Eighteen-year-old Supuko came to Majengo Children’s Home in 2013 without much hope for her future. However, with encouragement, love, and support, she is committed to building a brighter future for herself. Supuko – with the help of all our Majengo heroes – has successfully changed her story. This year, she started college with a goal to become a social worker because she, too, wants to help the people around her. As we move into this transition period, watching the children grow up and begin supporting those around them, we need you more than ever.

The success of Majengo Children’s Home is dependent upon the support of many. The confidence, knowledge, and skills the children build at Majengo are integral to their ongoing success as they transition into adulthood. Your ongoing support is changing the narrative by allowing each child to thrive and become the hero of their own story.

This year, help us build a bright future for each Majengo child, and in turn, support the heroes of Tanzania’s future. 


P.S. You can help change the story for each Majengo child. Donate today.