Building a Bright 2019 With You!

Looking forward to 2019:


After such a successful year, we are hoping to make 2019 even better. Here is a wish list of some of projects we will be working on!

Beds and Malaria Nets: In 2019, we want to get new beds, sheets and malaria nets to protect the kids from mosquitos and to give them each their own space to relax and sleep. (Projected cost: $3,500)

Office Expansion: Our office is getting tired, and we are in desperate need of a fresh start! A new office will provide us with two private offices, which will enhance counselling sessions and meetings with staff. We will also be able to better secure children’s private records.(Projected cost: $7,100)

Apprenticeship Program: In 2018, we piloted a program that allowed children to participate in apprenticeship opportunities over their holidays from school, and we would like to continue to do this on a larger scale in 2019. These apprenticeship opportunities allow them to gain exposure to different work environments and will allow them to learn more about different career options. This program will be available to children over 16, of which there will be even more next year. (Projected cost: $5,500)

Reintegration Program: As part of our vision to raise self-sustaining and contributing adults, this program helps children who have reached the age of maturity to   reintegrate into their home communities. This program provides them with mentorship,  and financial assistance in the form of subsidies for food and living costs. ($9,000)

Community Development Programs: We have expanded this program to include 90 children, from pre-school to secondary school. Funds raised will support school fees, school supplies and mentorship. With academic success,  these children will help end the cycle of poverty that has gripped their families. ($16,000)






You can help!
Donate online at or e-mail us at if you have questions about any of our upcoming endeavours.
We are so grateful for your support!