Building The Community Around Majengo!

Majengo has always worked hard to not only support the 104 children residing at the home, but to also empower the broader community of Mto Wa Mbu, and Majengo village through our community development programs.  Through the community development programs we reach another 90 vulnerable children and families every year.  More recently, however, we have begun to expand the breadth of our community engagement through hosting training programs, seminars and clinics at Majengo to help support even more people in the Majengo community.


Menstrual Health Seminar
In December 2019, we hosted a Menstrual Health Program at Majengo which was presented by four female engineers coming from both the United States and Uganda. They prepared a full seminar approaching menstrual health from a scientific perspective, and showed the participants how they could make their own reusable menstrual health products. In addition to the girls living at Majengo, we also invited girls from our Community Development Programs, as well as teachers from our neighbouring schools. In total 80 women and girls participated in the program.


Sexual Health Training Program
In December we hosted a Sexual Health Training Program which was for the older Majengo kids. We also invited some of the kids enrolled in our community development programs. This program discussed sexually transmitted infections including H.I.V, as well as contraceptives. We will continue to host programs like this in the future.


Family Support Training
In December 2019, we hosted a Family Support Training Program which was open to the parents and relatives of our oldest Majengo Children. This program was led by the district and regional social workers, as well as our very own staff social worker. This seminar was hosted to determine which types of programs the families would benefit from in the future. This has helped us plan for a productive year.


Cardiology Clinic
In January, Majengo hosted its second annual cardiology clinic, in conjunction with FAME Africa, a hospital not far from Majengo. This year ,we expanded our programming to include all of our pre-school students. We also invited 80 students from our neighbouring school, a primary school for vulnerable children, to get their hearts checked too. After a long day – 169 hearts were checked, and 24 children were sent up for further investigation at FAME. Every child is now getting the treatment they need. We will continue this program yearly, and hope to expand it even further in the future.


Financial Literacy Training Program:
We are in the midst of planning a financial literacy seminar that will be hosted at Majengo. The goal of this program is to help people gain a deeper understanding of budgeting, and help people open bank accounts. This program will be available to family members and relatives of the Majengo kids.


Mental Health Counselling Training Program:
With the help of The Arusha Mental Health Centre, we will be hosting a training session for our Majengo staff to help them learn how to counsel and mentor the Majengo children. This training session will help build the skills necessary to recognize when and if a child is having difficulty, and address the problems head on. The staff will be well equipped to work together with our full-time social worker to help each child. We are hoping to host several of these throughout the year for both the staff, and the Majengo children.


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