Building the Majengo Community!


Building Communities around Majengo Children’s Home!

Majengo not only strives to care for the children living in the centre…
…but also focuses on empowering the surrounding community through education and mentorship programs.This year, we expanded the enrolment of our Community Development Program from 50 to 90 children!

These students were selected by the local social welfare officers, village leaders, and our full-time social worker at Majengo.Β Β The students enrolled are deemed to be the most in need.

With Majengo’s support students receive school supplies, uniforms, financial support, mentorship and hot-meals according to their needs.

There are three categories of the Community Development Program:


The Pre-School Program:
This program provides pre-school and two hot meals a day to local children between the ages of 3 and 6. There are currently 40 students enrolled.


The Live-Out Program:
This program provides primary and secondary school education to 40 children in the Majengo area.


The Masai Girls Program:
This program educates 10 girls of varying ages from the Masai tribe for primary, secondary and post-secondary education.


So, in honour of our growing program…
we want to introduce you to four of our newest and littlest students!


Introducing Boas, Penina, Lightness and Nelson!


Boaz is one of our newest pre-school students. He walks to Majengo in the morning for classes, and receives two hot meals while he is there. Boaz is 6 years old and his favourite colour is blue. His favourite part of the day is English class. When he grows up, he wants to be a doctor.

Lightness is 5 years old and is a part of our Live-Out Program. She lives with her mom and grandmother in Baraka village which is just outside of Majengo. Lightness has just started in kindergarten. Her family is very proud of her, and she is very excited to be learning new things every day.

Nelson is 8 years old and is in grade 3 as part of our Live-Out Program. Nelson lives at home with his aunt, but is currently boarding at school because it makes learning easier for him. He loves math and Swahili. When he grows up he wants to build houses for a living

Penina is 6 years old and is enrolled in the Majengo Masai Girls Program. Penina lives in Mungere Village, which is just outside of Majengo. She lives there with her father and mother. She is currently in kindergarten, and is enjoying meeting new many new friends at school.



Boaz, Lightness, Nelson and Penina have a place in our Community Development Programs because of you. We are so grateful for your support!

If you would like help Majengo keep these programs available for years to come, help us by donating online! Your contributions will help ensure that children like Boaz, Lightness, Nelson and Penina are given a chance at education!