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Sorry I haven’t caught up in a long time! Quickly to date, I’m leaving in an hour. We’ve finished building 3 great houses for the kids, a big new dining room, an open kitchen, a staff resting area, and completed landscaping with trees, flowers, and bougainvilleas. There is also a new soccer field that is… Read more

Rain Does Not Fall on One Roof Alone.

This African proverb has profound meaning in 2020 with the coronavirus “falling on” people all over the world – no roof has been spared. It is also an important and refreshing reminder that we are not alone. While we need to care for ourselves and our loved ones in these challenging times, we also need… Read more

Thank You & Happy New Year from 185 Majengo Children!

Thank you for a wonderful 2018! Our 10thbirthday year was a successful one thanks to you. We were able to provide life’s essentials to all of our Majengo children, while also completing several crucial projects. We could not have done any of this without YOU. Some of our biggest successes this year: Enhanced Medical Program: Last… Read more