Stephen Hamel, a sponsor since 2014, turned 30 in June and decided he was going to do a little something different this year to help Majengo beyond his yearly sponsorship donation.

“My name is Steve and I am a Millennial living in Toronto, Canada. In conjunction with my family, I have sponsored a child at Majengo for a number of years. We have all been impressed with the personal touch the organizing team provides to ensure we continually feel connected to the process and have confidence that the money we are donating is making a difference in the lives of the children. Frequent pictures and ongoing personalized updates have made our whole family feel like we are along for the journey as our sponsor child grows and flourishes.  This year for my Birthday I wanted to do something different, and I came up with the idea of asking my family and friends to collectively make a donation on my behalf to Majengo in lieu of gifts. I’ll admit I had reservations when I thought about missing out on fun new things, but when my birthday arrived and I saw how much money we had raised to support the children I immediately knew I had made the right decision. Given how successful this year’s birthday was, maybe I will suggest that this becomes an annual tradition!”

If you are interested in having your own Majengo birthday, we are happy to help! We can provide you with a project or child to support, as well as thank you cards, and invitations to your party! Contact us at simone.majengo@gmail.com for more information!


We would also like to extend a special thank you to our friend Madelaine, who celebrated her 7th birthday earlier this year. In honour of her birthday she asked all of her friends to donate money to support the children at Majengo. At her party, she and her party guests made a very special card for the children at Majengo which they will receive next month! Thank you for your generosity, Madelaine! We hope you had a happy birthday!

Here is a picture from Madelaine’s Majengo Birthday! If you are interested in having a Majengo party of your own – e-mail us! We will give you everything you need to host a birthday party in support of MCH.