Did You Accomplish All Your 2018 Resolutions?


Get your party hats on! It is almost the New Year!

Jessica and Muazi are here to share their resolutions for 2019, and to  tell you just how much they accomplished this year –
thanks to your support. 


Jessica, the world’s next BEST student!

Jessica worked really hard over the last 12 months to improve in all of her subjects at school. Going in to 2018, she was determined to do better in mathematics and English.
Jessica studied, read and learned all year – and continues to ROCK her math and science classes.

She would never have had this opportunity without you. 

Next year – she is determined to be the best student… in the world!  We are so proud of her big goals for grade 6!


Meet Muazi, our resident scientist!

Thanks to your generosity over 2018, Muazi was able to accomplish this year’s resolution which was to become the best student in his science class.
Through after-school homework programs, a brand new library, a skilled Majengo teacher – and Muazi’s determination – his science marks were amazing this year!

You helped make this happen.

This year – he wants to be the best in his class in the first year at secondary school.



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