Enriching the community with the Majengo Pre-School

Majengo Children’s Home Community Development Project:
Majengo Pre-School

Every day at 7:00am, 24 tiny students walk from their homes and come to Majengo Children’s Home to attend pre-school. Majengo’s Pre-School is available for the most vulnerable children in the Majengo community who need academic support, and who would not otherwise have an opportunity to go to school. This program is completely free of charge for the students enrolled. At school, the children are given two meals a day (breakfast and lunch), and lessons in English, Math, Swahili, reading and writing. During the day, aside from learning, they also nap and play in a safe and secure environment. Not only does the pre-school give these children access to education and food security, but it also allows their guardians the time to go to work without worrying about child care.

Meet one of our recent graduates:


Abubakari, Age 7, Majengo Pre-School Graduate, 2016

Abubakari is 7 years old and in this picture is standing in front of the house he lives in with his grandmother. She was out for the day when we met him, so he was playing with his best friend Oli. He was more than happy to tell us a bit about his life.

Abubakari with his best friend, Oli

Abubakari is in grade 1 and when he grows up he wants to be a doctor, or a soccer player (he was not sure which!) He really loves to play soccer with his best friend, Oli. He also mentioned that his favorite colour is red, and his favorite food is French fries.

Abubakari is a graduate of the Majengo Pre-School Program. He attended pre-school at Majengo before he was old enough to go to the local public school. He was given this opportunity because he was deemed one of the most vulnerable in his community.

Abubakari and children like him will not have the opportunity to attend our Pre-School Program if we cannot keep it open. Not only does this program provide education, but it also provides child care options for people like Abubakari’s grandmother so she can go out and work.

You can help!

Abubakari in front of the house he lives in with his grandmother

For $500 a year, you can provide a uniform, school books and two hot meals a day to a Majengo pre-schooler. Donate to our Majengo Pre-School Program to give Abubakari and kids like him a chance to attend school, while also providing free child care for hard-working guardians.

Some of our pre-schoolers doing finger painting and singing!