Expanding the Library: How one Eagle Scout helped bring more books to Majengo!

In October 2017, Caleb Putnam travelled to Majengo from the UAE with his father to deliver books he had been collecting to earn his Eagle Scout Badge. After a long journey, both Caleb and his father arrived at Majengo with several suitcases and boxes of books (totalling 225 lbs) that they had carried with them (with 400 lbs arriving in a shipment from the US.)

Caleb spent several months collecting the 625 lbs of books and donations for his Eagle Scout project, which he then embossed with Majengo’s name and brought to our library. Caleb and his father presented the  books to the Majengo children, read to them, and helped them put all the books away in to our library shelves.

Thank you Caleb for your hard work! We love all our new books and we hope you come and visit us soon!