Floods, and Mud and Rainboots, Oh My!


As usual, April and May were wet months at Majengo. The rains came with a vengeance and brought with them lots of puddles, mud and floods! Everyone was safe, though maybe a little bit wet! Here are some pictures from when Majengo was flooded. You can see us wearing our rain boots to get home, and pouring sand and gravel on the grounds to reduce the water spreading to the kitchen.

Soccer Superstar!

This spring, one of our older children, Godlizen, 17, joined the soccer team at his secondary school and was named MVP. He was such a key asset to the team that he was also selected to represent his school on a regional level team. He will continue to compete with his team over the next term at school.  Good luck, Godlizen.

My favourite game to play is football. I will be a footballer when I grow up, just like Messi.

– Athumani, Pre-Schooler, 5 years old


Majengo is not only home to 94 children, but also runs community development programs in the broader Mto Wa Mbu community. Our three Community Development Programs help support children in the Majengo village area who do not have the means to access education. We believe education empowers children and helps provide a brighter future for the whole community.

We have three community development initiatives:

  • The Majengo Pre-School Program: A free pre-school run at Majengo.
  • The Live-Out Program : A sponsorship program providing school fees and essentials to children between Grade 1 (Primary 1) and Grade 11 (Form 4)
  • The Masai Girls Education Program: A sponsorship program enrolling girls, predominantly from the Masai tribe, in secondary school.

This spring, the management team at Majengo was able to check-in and visit with each of the children enrolled in these programs. Doing these visits twice a year ensures that the children have all the supplies they need, and allows us to follow their progress.

Research shows that  mentorship for a child can increase their potential for success at school. These meetings act not only as a check-in, but also a time where the staff at Majengo can praise and encourage students to continue on their education pathway.

We would like to introduce you to two of the children enrolled in our community development programs. One from our Masai Girls Program and one from our Live-Out Program. Both children have been in the program for several years and continue to attend school with the encouragement of our Majengo Children’s Home staff and their guardians.

If you would like to learn more about our Community Development Programs and how you can help, e-mail simone@majengo.org.


Meet Asha, part of our Masai Girls Education Program

Meet Asha, who is standing in front of the house she lives in with her mother and three siblings in Mto Wa Mbu town.  Asha is 16 years old and in Form 3 at Irkisongo school in the Monduli Region of Tanzania.  She loves science at school, and she says that biology is her best subject. When she grows up, she wants to be a surgeon.


Meet Joachim, part of our Live-Out Program:
Meet Joachim. Joachim is 7 years old. He graduated in 2017 from Majengo Pre-School and now attends grade 1 at Majengo Primary School.  Joachim lives at home with his mother, father, sister and brother. One of his brothers is a resident at Majengo Children’s Home. Joachim loves mathematics, and when he grows up he wants to be a policeman.


When I grow up I want to be an accountant!

– Glory, Pre-Schooler, 5 years old


Library Update
Thanks to the generosity of the African Children’s Book Box Society, our library is almost finished. Here are a couple of preview pictures! Stay tuned for our big reveal!