Get Smart with Teacher Melchiat

Most of the Majengo children are either currently enrolled in, or at one point attended Mwalimu Anna’s English Medium School (MAEMS). This month Melchiat Muhandichi Mutsotso is our guest author. She began teaching at MAEMS in 2011 and currently teaches class 6 and class 7. She lives nearby in Mto Wa Mbu Village.

Melchiat on MAEMS:

“Mwalimu Anna’s School is well equipped to give children access to quality primary education. It helps them achieve personal growth and eventually professional success.  The school offers a clean and well-organized environment, which is conducive for learning, regardless of the students’ different backgrounds. The school also has a reliable supportive staff and efficient service providers to cater to the needs of each child. This is a school where teachers are granted the space and resources to innovate, adjust to the circumstances they find themselves in, and adapt in ways that best meet students’ needs. 

One of my favourite things about Mwalimu Anna school culture is that it puts the child first. The primary interest of Mwalimu Anna School is to create a balanced educational program that recognizes and values the “whole child” and is interested in each child reaching his or her full potential ,regardless of their personality or background. 

Having been a teacher for more than six years in the school I have witnessed the growth of hundreds of students.  I have seen students graduate from the school with high marks that help them secure chances in special schools all over the country. A student graduating from this school leaves with all the skills necessary for success.

Mwalimu Anna School is one of the few schools in Tanzania that does not believe in the use of physical punishment to change a child’s behaviour.  The school is growing and developing at a very high speed in the country due to its commitment in nurturing students into productive people.

Dear reader,

Giving any child access to quality education in any society helps them prepare for their future and face all the challenges they encounter.  Finding a good school that offers the aforementioned key qualities is essential, as the school allows students to enhance their skills and expertise which are all vital to success.”


Melchiat on Majengo and its Students

“Mwalimu Anna school has a good population of students and there is a group of approximately seventy-five students who come from one home- a home where they find love, all their basic needs, a home where they live in harmony.  The smiles on most of these students’ faces can tell it all.

Having visited the home on a few occasions I can describe Majengo as “a sweet home.”  I really love the students from the sweet home for they always live as one family despite their different backgrounds.  Talking to some of them often makes me smile and really feel how appreciative the children are.   They seem to have an inner force pushing them to great heights and this can be seen from the efforts they put in their studies.  I would like to thank the founder and all the sponsors of the children and the entire staff of Majengo for their sacrifice to ensure that each and every student is well taken care of and above all giving then access to education and not just education but quality education in one among the best schools in the Region. 

I personally know the kids from this home well.  We interact while at school and throughout the years I have taught most of them English. Being an educator I would wish to affirm to the sponsors that from what I see (the efforts the students are putting in their studies, the way they conduct themselves and the respect they have for teachers and one another) we shall soon start harvesting  from the investment in each child.  Majengo will continue to grow into a bigger and “sweeter” home, and will continue to produce smart and motivated students.”