We are halfway through the year, and we have made some exciting progress at Majengo with several projects that are now complete! We want to celebrate all that we have accomplished in Tanzania at Majengo Children’s Home. We were able to finish these projects because of YOU!

More Drinking Water at Majengo!

With your help, we recently installed a 1.5km pipe to connect our water system to the Majengo village, and we now have enough water for drinking and washing. Until now, due to increasing demand and drought, we haven’t had enough water pressure to fill our tanks.  The increased water supply makes preparing meals, washing our uniforms, and cleaning the houses much easier!

Magdalena, Sophia and Baraka wash their hands in our new sink!

New Car – and her name is Tusker!

Our old car, who was fondly known as Magoya, is finally able to retire after 16 long years of service. Thank you, Magoya!  We are now able to transport all of our goods with no fear of breakdowns in Tusker, our new pick-up truck! Our new car also helps take kids to, and pick kids up from school. It also has helped us transport some of our chronically ill children to and from clinics, and hospital visits. This new reliability is a big relief!

Some kids sitting in our brand new truck, Tusker!