Happy Holidays!

It is holiday time at Majengo…


…and we are full of holiday spirit!

With the month off school, and lots of celebrations coming up, the children are here to tell you about their favourite parts of the holiday season.

Sylvia’s favourite thing about the holiday season is the time off school to eat good food, drink soda and play!


“My favourite thing about holiday time is wearing new clothes and shoes, and eating delicious food and drinking soda. I also love playing and celebrating with all the people at Majengo, and visiting my relatives to celebrate too.”

-Sylvia, 13


…and we are full of holiday spirit!

We asked Emmanuel, 13, what he liked to do over the holidays and he said his favourite days are Christmas and New Years.


“On holidays, I like to thank God for a new day to celebrate, and a new year! I love eating good food, swimming and visiting friends around Majengo. It is a happy day!”
Emmanuel, 13




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