How Your Donation Can Help This Holiday Season!

Ho Ho Hold the Phone –

Did You Know You Can Still Help The Majengo



Happy December from all of us at Majengo. We hope you can spend this time safely celebrating with loved ones. 
After a challenging year, we are still focused on providing life’s essentials for the children at Majengo. Here is what your dollar can do on the ground in Tanzania: 


1. $10 – Gym Shoes
Provide a child with a pair of sports sneakers.

2. $30 – A  Uniform for a Pre-School Student
Help a new student get a uniform to start off the school year.

3. $43 – Fruit for Two
We love fruit. Supply two kids with fruit for the whole year.

4. $66  – Sanitary Products for Two
All over the world girls miss school when they menstruate. Help provide two girls with pads for the year to help them stay confident, healthy, and in school.

5. $82 – 6 Thermoses for Tea
Since the children go to school so early, tea is prepared the night before and kept in thermoses. Help keep breakfast tea warm for all the Majengo kids.

6. $103 – Milk for a Month
Milk helps us grow. Help subsidize the milk provided by our cows for a month.

7. $182 – A Christmas Celebration
This donation will supply the food and soda for a celebration for any special holiday. (like Christmas, Eid, Easter etc.)

8. $275 – Blankets for 30 Kids
Every year, we buy plenty of new blankets to keep the children warm during cold season.

9. $488 – 100 Mosquito Nets
Ensure all the children at Majengo have safe mosquito nets to protect against Malaria.

10. $500 – Laundry Soap For The Year
Over 100 children washing their clothes uses a lot of soap. Provide a year’s worth.

11. $900 – Plantains for the Year
Plantains (or cooking bananas) are a staple of the diet at Majengo. They are grown locally and very filling.

12. $1000 – Two Thousand Meals
We serve hundreds of meals a day at Majengo. Provide 2000 meals.



Thank you to everyone who has supported Majengo this holiday season!

There are 2 weeks left to receive a 2020 tax receipt for your donation! See below for three ways you can donate!


You’re Invited to the 10th Annual Grains vs. Grapes:
Virtual Edition!

When: January 30th, 2021, 6:45 PM (EST)
What: A virtual event with reports from the ground, and snacks!
Where: Your couch!

How Does It Work? It’s simple, we will send you a shopping list of items to purchase and prepare for the night of the event. The menu will contain everyday food items that will each be paired with a wine and a beer.

During the event, we will have video updates from the kids and Majengo staff, as well as word bingo games to win prizes.

How can you help?

  • Put the date on your calendar NOW and purchase your tickets.
  • Look for the menu information 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • Spread the word – tell others to save the date and be part of this fun evening.

Tickets are only $25.