How Your Donation Helps This Holiday Season



Happy holiday season from all of us at Majengo – we hope it is full of joy and jollities. 
There are many ways you can help Majengo this holiday season.
Here are some of the ways your donations can make a difference!

And scroll down to see a special holiday note from our founder, Lynn Connell!


1. $12 – School Bag for One
Provide a child with a school bag to help them carry their books every day.

2. $20 – After-School Snacks for a Week
We love to eat peanuts after school. Provide a weeks worth.

3. $39 – Milk for One
We love to drink milk. Supply one child with milk for a year.

4. $50  – Shoes for Two
With growing, running feet – we need new shoes yearly. Provide two pairs to two children.

5. $84 – Rice for A Week for All
Rice is a staple of our diet. You can provide a weeks worth.

6. $99 – Feminine Hygiene for Three
All over the world, girls often miss school when they menstruate. Provide the products to keep girls in school.

7. $155 – Uniforms for Five Pre-Schoolers
Supply five of our littlest students with their uniform for the year.

8. $210 – Animal Care for a Month
Our animals at Majengo provide us with food, security and skill building opportunities. Care for them for a month.

9. $432 – Food Security For One
Ensure a child has all the food they need for a year.

10. $504 – Tutoring for Nine
Provide after school classes, and holiday tutoring support to nine children.

11. $880 – Bedtime Necessities for Five
Provide a new bed, mattress, and sheets to a Majengo child who needs it.

12. $1000 – Two Thousand Meals
We serve hundreds of meals a day at Majengo. Provide 2000 meals.



A holiday message from our founder, Lynn Connell!


Hi everyone!

As Founder of our Majengo Childrens Home in Tanzania, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you personally for the generous and passionate support you have steadfastly given to our Majengo children over the last 12 years.

It seems like yesterday, when we first found 52 little ones destitute on a mud floor in rural Tanzania, with no one to call their own, and one meal a day.

That was March 2008.

Today, almost 12 years  later, those same children have grown and are following their dreams, along with many more coming along in their tracks.

Thanks to you.

It  has been an indescribable honour and privilege for me to be part of this big happy family, both in Tanzania, Canada and the United States, and one that I will cherish forever.

Over the past year, I have stepped aside from the everyday business of Majengo, passing the torch along to Simone and Emily and our wonderful teams both here in Canada and the U.S.  I thank you all for your expertise and passion, and wish you my best, with full confidence as Majengo continues to flourish, moving forward.

My love and connection with all that is Majengo will remain in my heart forever.  In just a few days, I will be heading over to host a New Years celebration with the kids and staff to welcome in the coming year!   I can’t wait!

Thanking you all again,

And wishing you my very best for a joyous and healthy holiday season and happy new year.

Lynn Connell
Founder, Majengo Childrens Home. 2008-


Thank you to everyone who has supported Majengo this holiday season!

There are 2 weeks left to receive a 2019 tax receipt for your donation! See below for two ways you can donate!