In The Community

In The Community

Majengo aims to support children and families, and the community that surrounds them. 

Building The Community

At Majengo, we aim to build up the community that surrounds us by emphasizing four different areas of focus. These four areas of focus are the blocks required to build up the community in a sustainable and effective way.

Though Majengo began as a children’s home, the programming has extended well beyond the walls of the home reaching into the surrounding community and creating a stronger and healthier environment for everyone.

The Blocks

The four areas of focus that Majengo emphasizes in it’s outreach program are:

Food Security

Capacity Building


Health & Well-Being  

The Majengo programs that exist in the community surrounding the home fall within these areas of focus and all aim to meet the Majengo mission, as well as the sustainable development goals for a better world for everyone by 2030.

Food Security


Food security programs in the community typically consist of food subsidy pack distribution amongst the village’s most vulnerable families. Whenever Majengo is able, food packs are created which contain essential items like beans, maize and flour. These packs are distributed to families in need with the goal of subsidizing food costs and providing some relief to families who are facing hunger. Typically, packs are distributed during dry season when the harvest is minimal, and available work is minimal. It also means that food prices are highest.

Most of these families have more than 3 members, and the majority of the adult members have only finished primary school, and are either unemployed or casual labourers.  Each pack costs approximately $27 USD and should subsidize a family’s food for a month.

Majengo hosts many different training programs throughout the year that cover a whole range of topics. The goal of these training programs is to empower the community with knowledge to help them improve their quality of life, and thus develop the overall quality of life in the broader community.  Each training costs between $1,500 and $3,000 USD to hold.

Some examples of topics covered include:


Majengo focuses on providing education opportunities to many vulnerable children in the community who may not need to reside at the Majengo Children’s Home, but do not have the financial means to attend school. These programs are available to many different groups of children ranging in age from 3 to 18 who would not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue their education.

Currently we have four different programs:

1. Majengo Pre-School Program: An on-site pre-school available to vulnerable children free of charge which provides two meals a day and education.

2. Majengo Live-Out Program: A program providing educational opportunities to vulnerable children in the community who require support for school fees and educational materials. 

3. Maasai Girls Education Program:  A program designed to support some of the most vulnerable children in the community, the Maasai girls, who are typically not given the chance to attend school.

4.  Special Education Program: This program gives children with varying special needs the opportunity to attend a special school tailored to their needs. These children are usually overlooked in the community as there are so few resources available to support them.

Live-Out Students
Maasai Girls
Special Education

Health & Well-Being

Majengo operates health and well-being focused training programs both at the centre and in the community. These training programs are designed to provide information, promote awareness, and encourage preventative health care in the community. There are many topics covered every year based on what are believed to be the most pressing issues. 

Some recent programs covered topics such as:

Majengo also hosts health outreach programs which offer a number of different tests or injections based upon what is needed in the community. 

Some health outreach clinics we have run are:


These training programs reach thousands of individuals yearly.

School Improvement Programs

In an effort to improve the facilities at schools in the community, Majengo partners with local public schools to help meet needs that cannot be met by the school’s government funding. These programs fit all of the pillars as the projects vary from school to school. This not only helps the Majengo students who attend these schools, but also supports the hundreds of other students who will benefit from a better learning environment. These efforts help improve the overall quality of life for students.

Some facilities we have improved or supported at different schools are: 


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