Lynn just arrived a week ago with her great friend from high school Kate Wilson! Couldn’t believe the site; the dining room was fully finished, painted a gorgeous yellow, with heavy tables and chairs that will never break. It has big windows, and lots of space! Landscaping is finished, with trees on every corner, bushes, and flowers. They’re watered everyday by the kids! Little pathways go between the dining room and the three houses and kitchen. There’s also a new staff resting place, and couches and chairs in all three houses. It is GORGEOUS! A playground with swings and a sort of merry-go-round and a cement pad/netball area where the kids play soccer has been added too (as the soccer field is currently sprouting fresh green grass). The whole place looks great!

IMG_8606On day one I interviewed two of our Masai girls who are in secondary school in Arusha. It was so much fun to see how well they have grown and developed in the last four years, from very shy quiet little kids at the boma into happy and confident young women speaking En

IMG_8665glish and writing exams.

The kids come home everyday after school around 4:30pm. They get their homework checked, get out of their uniforms, and have time to play!

Every afternoon at 6pm Lynn does yoga with the kids and staff in the dining room – hilarious! We also got to go swimming with the kids over the weekend.

Lastly, introducing our great new staff: Anna who is our new Project Coordinator, Wilfred is our new social worker working directly now with the teachers at Mama Anna’s, and Miriam is our wonderful nurse who sleeps over and is on hand to check the kids medically every morning before and after school (by day she works at the ICA office testing people for HIV/AIDS).