Majengo’s 2020 COVID-19 Response: What Your Generosity Provided

Lockdown at MCH & The Coronavirus Handwashing Emergency Kit (CHEK)

Your support this year has been instrumental in not only supporting the Majengo children and staff, but also thousands of families in the surrounding communities.

MCH’s COVID-19 response aimed to:

– Train Majengo staff to use personal protective equipment properly, and safely care for sick children at the centre.

– Supply food, handwashing facilities, soap and masks to families in the surrounding community.

– Educate the Majengo children, staff and community members on how to protect themselves from COVID-19.

Some of the things we were able to supply thanks to you:

10,000 Soap Kits to students

210 Handwashing Stations at 22 schools

700 Handwashing Kits to families living in the surrounding community

112 Food Kits monthly to families of students

100s of Stay Home School Packs

1,000s of Educational Posters

Countless handwashing tutorials

Joseph Kurwa, Majengo Manager, and Simone Lee Hamilton, Program Coordinator, are here to share with you just how much your donations helped this year, and will continue to help in 2021. Head to our YouTube Channel to learn more about how all our COVID-19 programs were implemented, and hear first-hand just how successful they have been.
We could not have done it without you.
Our Hope for 2021:
Though we aim to continue providing quality care to all the children living at the Majengo Children’s Home – and the many children in our education programs – we also hope to focus on continuing to build and empower the surrounding community in 2021. Your donations right now can help us do this. 


Food Kits in the Majengo Community

The end of 2020 is fast approaching. Your donations to Majengo today and until December 31 are still eligible for a 2020 tax receipt.