[Majengo’s Mid-Year Highlights! ]

The year is off to a wonderful start…

…thanks to your support.

We are eager to share what has been going on at Majengo Children’s Home and report about some new projects taking place!

Here are some of the highlights…


The Majengo Community Development Program


The Majengo Community Development Program assists children in the surrounding community with education through financial support and mentoring. Currently we have 90 children enrolled, including two secondary students, Lengeteng’ and Pascalina.

Lengeteng’ is 18 years old and is in Form 3 (Grade 10) at a local secondary school. When he grows up he wants to be a pilot so he can visit Rwanda and Uganda.

Pascalina is 13 and is in Grade 7 at another local school. She loves learning about science. When she grows up she wants to be a soldier.


 The Transition House Is Taking Shape!


Some of our children still require full support after they reach 18 years old. The new transition house is being built on the edge of the Majengo facility. Some of our oldest children will live in the house, while they learn to live more independently. This new house is expected to be finished in the next month or so, as long as the rains cooperate!

Our Holiday Zip-Line Adventure!


Our Holiday Zip-Line Adventure took place in June. Some of our older children, who had performed well on their mid-terms or had made noticeable improvements at school, participated in the adventures as a reward. We paired up with a local tour company, TanZip – Tanzania, who graciously took us to their zip-lining course in Mungere village, about a 30-minute drive from Mto Wa Mbu, for free. The kids had a great time and had the opportunity to experience something new!

 Training Programs for Children, Staff and Parents 


Training Programs for Children, Staff and Parents took place at the centre with the help of  facilitators and the government social welfare office. The staff were trained on childcare, including the preparation of childcare plans, integration programs, and community support projects. The children received training and mentoring from local religious leaders about spirituality and behaviour. Finally, we hosted a week of training for relatives of the Majengo children to discuss childcare, children’s rights, entrepreneurship, and HIV/AIDS awareness. These training programs aim to help empower the children, staff, and parents.

Seventeen New Secondary School Students


Seventeen Students started secondary school (Form 1 / Grade 8) at different schools throughout the region after passing their Grade 7 exams at the end of December. The students are adjusting well to their new environments and routines and are making new friends. We are working closely with school administrators to ensure each Majengo child is receiving extra attention and studies when necessary.

Term One of the Majengo Pre-School Term Is Complete


Term One of the Majengo Pre-School is complete with double the number of students compared to last year. We had 24 new students start since January, and they are all settling in well to the schedule of pre-school life. Our teachers, Eva and Cesy, have established new routines and programs to keep the pre-schoolers busy and excited about learning.

Health Clinics


Health Clinics and improved access to medical facilities this year have helped us continue to advance our health care programs. In addition to regular doctor visits, several children attended eye clinics at a large hospital in Moshi, while others visited FAME Africa to see various specialists over the first half of the year. By improving health care, we can provide better overall care for each child at Majengo.

We are so grateful!


We are so grateful to have you as a part of the Majengo family. We would not be celebrating all of these successes without you.

On behalf of 185 children and families at Majengo and all of us at Majengo Canada, asante sana (thank you).