Sharing our Wishes for 2021!

Thank you for all your support which allowed us to make it through 2020 successfully. In January, we shared with you some of the successes we saw at Majengo. Today, we want to share with you our wishes for 2021.

Our wishes for 2021 are two-fold. Our main focus is ensuring all the MCH programs remain in place, while not reducing our capacity. We also would like to strengthen our community engagement and support, and we have a handful of special projects to help us do that.

Our Basic Needs

Through the provision of our core basic needs, we can keep Majengo up and running. The most important projected annual costs are*:

1.    Food: $26,000 USD

2.    Personal Hygiene: $15,100 USD

3.    Medical Care: $11,000 USD

4.    Safety & Care: $30,000 USD

5.    Pre-School Program: $13,500 USD

6.    Live-Out Education Program: $16,100 USD

7.    Maasai Girls Education Program: $12,000 USD


Our 2021 Projects

1. Garden/Greenhouse: Expanding our garden and constructing a greenhouse will not only sustain the Majengo food program, but will also allow us to provide more food subsidies to families in the Majengo area, which we are currently doing at a small scale. ($7,800 USD)

2. Chicken Project: We would like to purchase a number of chickens to care for at Majengo. This project will not only help Majengo become more sustainable, but will also help teach children about egg production. We would also support families in the area by providing them chickens. ($2,000 USD)

3. Mental Health Programs: After successfully implementing our mental health initiatives at Majengo, we are looking to start a more robust program that will involve more training for staff and children and the hiring of a full-time counsellor with experience dealing with trauma and mental illness. ($12,600 USD)

4. Community Training Programs: We would like to continue our community training programs to support the needs of families. We would also like to expand these training programs to involve more youth in the community by training them on topics such as HIV and STIs as well as sexual health. ($9,000 USD)

Though this year will be a little different for us at Majengo, we are hopeful that we can maintain the high quality of care and support in all of our MCH programs. We would never be able to do any of this without you. 

*costs are approximate and may fluctuate throughout the year.


It is thanks to your support that we have been able to begin the new year with hope and optimism.

Thank you for your support.