Spreading the [LOVE] at Majengo for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Meet the 5 new Majengo children
who are bringing a bunch of extra LOVE to MCH.

Meet Saida.
Saida is 3 years old and loves to dance, run and draw. She has settled in well at Majengo, where she has made a ton of new friends! Saida can usually be found on the shoulders of one of the older girls at Majengo, or playing with her best friend Ruthie.

Meet Ruthie.
Ruthie is 4 years old and is extremely talkative. She has adapted well to life at Majengo and never stops talking. Her favourite thing to do is sit on a chair and pretend she is driving. She can almost always be found holding hands with Saida, and singing.

Meet Hussein.
Hussein is 5 years old and comes from Majengo village. Though he was reserved at first, Hussein has bonded with some of the older boys. His grade 1 teacher says that he loves coming to school and talking about his Majengo family. Hussein loves to run and play cards, and can usually be found following around his two new Majengo brothers,  Bushoke and Joshua.

Meet Abdul.
Abdul is 6 years old and graduated from the Majengo pre-school program in 2017. He came to Majengo a shy and solitary little boy. Now, Abdul can be found playing soccer with his new friends while chatting about what a great day he had at Mwalimu Anna’s English Medium School. Recently,  Abdul lost his first two teeth, which he was very excited about.

Meet Happiness.
Happiness is 8 years old and truly lives up to her name. Within hours of arriving at Majengo she was absorbed into a friend group of little girls who immediately shared their wisdom (and dolls) with her. Happiness loves singing and dancing, and spending time with all of her new friends.

If you are interested in learning how you can help our newest Majengo friends through sponsorship opportunities, email us at simone@majengo.org.

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