Spring Has Sprung At Majengo: Meet Two Of Our Growing Kids!



Happy Spring!
Spring has sprung at Majengo! Just like the new trees and flowers we planted in our gardens, the kids are growing- and quickly – thanks to your generosity!

We want you to get to know the children at Majengo a little better – so, we would like to introduce you to two of our Grade 7s, who are preparing to graduate from primary school in the fall! Grade 7 is one of the toughest years of primary school. Days start early and end late – and the students are expected to be constantly preparing and studying for their national examinations which take place in September every year.

Meet Swalehe and Sarah, who are almost half way through their final year in primary.


Sarah, 15
Sarah describes herself as clever, pretty and funny. She aspires to be an accountant as she wants to be able to look after her finances! There’s no surprise therefore that mathematics is her favourite subject at school and the class that she performs best in.  At school she enjoys reading and preparing for classes with her friends David and Rehema.

Sarah loves to eat ugali (a dough-like dish made of flour) and any kind of meat. She’s most happy when she’s singing and learning mathematics. One of the most important lessons Sarah has learned at Majengo is how to play with others.


Swalehe, 14
Swalehe is a bit of a joker and is growing into a tall young man. He performs well in English at school and for that reason it’s his favourite subject. He aspires to be a tour guide when he’s older as he wants to visit beautiful places around Tanzania. Tanzania is his favourite place in the world because it’s a peaceful country with many beautiful trees, flowers and animals.

Swalehe loves to eat, tell jokes and laugh!  He laughs a lot with his school friend Fabian.
He highlights that Majengo has taught him how to take care of himself well.


If I could be any animal – I would want to be an elephant. They are so wonderfully fat!

– Emiliana, 14




New House!
Our new house is almost finished! We anticipate being able to move our little boys in over the next couple of weeks!




We need your help to ensure Majengo is a safe and secure environment for all our children.

Security Wall
We are in need of a security wall around the perimeter of Majengo to ensure that the children are protected during the day and at night. Though we have security guards that are on duty all night, our facility is quite large, and would be much more secure with a security wall. Currently, we have a wire fence which is easily trampled on by cows, goats and children! We need an upgrade, and you can help!
Projected cost: $34,700 USD



Office and Record Keeping Room
Our office needs a facelift! Though our little office served us well for 5 years, it is time for a change. We are in need of a new office for our increased number of staff, and to securely keep our children’s records. Currently, the office is not a secure place for our records! You can help!
Projected cost: $5,200 USD