Spring has Sprung: Meet Two Growing Majengo Kids! πŸŒΊβ˜€



Happy Spring!

Spring has sprung at Majengo and we are well into the first half of our school year. Thanks to your generosity, all the children are attending school and thriving.

We want you to get to know Majengo better – so this month we would like to introduce you to two of our Majengo kids: Anita who is starting her academic career, and Israel who has just started secondary school.


Anita, 4
Anita is a student in baby class (Junior Kindergarten) who is new to Majengo and is friendly and playful. She has made several new friends around her age, and has stolen the hearts of all of the older kids who love to help her with her chores, and who watch out for her throughout the day. Though she just turned 4, she is focused and loves to read. Her favourite subject at school is art, and when she has a chance, she loves to draw and colour at Majengo after school.

When she grows up Anita wants to be an accountant so that she can help people keep their money safe. She likes to eat rice and meat for lunch, and her favourite animal at Majengo is aΒ dog named Rafiki.

Her best friend from her pre-school class is called Patricia. She and Patricia love to read books, draw, and play netball together.


Israel, 15
Meet Israel who is 15 years old and just started his first year of secondary school (the equivalent of grade 8) and he reported that he is enjoying learning many new subjects at school. His favourite subject is history which he values because he says history teaches us lessons about the past to make our futures brighter.

When he grows up he wants to be an engineer. He wants to work to improve the infrastructure in Tanzania. He believes the roads can be safer and more accessible.

His best friend at school is called Aloyce and Israel says that the reason he loves Aloyce so much is because he is always ready to make people laugh. Israel says his favourite animal is the ant because he heard that they have the processing power of a MacIntosh computer.Β Β (We are not too sure where that fact came from, but nevertheless, a great reason to love ants!)


Become a Member of the Majengo Sponsorship Family!


There areΒ stillΒ children at Majengo who need your help.

When you sponsor a child, you are helping provide for all the MCH kids! You will also be paired up with one child, and receive bi-annual updates about their progress, and about MCH.Β If you are interested in sponsoring a Majengo child for Education or Basic Needs, please get in touch:Β simone@majengo.org.

For $635 / year you can sponsor a child for all their school fees, supplies and uniforms.

For $979 / year you can sponsor a child for all their basic needs like food, shelter and care.

Your support of these programs will go towards helping all the Majengo children succeed. We are so grateful.



The happiest moment of my life will be the day I go to university.

– Mariam, 17




Community Development Programs!

As we mentioned last month, we always have new projects on the go at Majengo. One of our most long standing programs, the Community Development Programs, has been expanded!

This program now includes 90Β children, from pre-school to secondary school. Funds raised will support school fees, school supplies and mentorship. With academic success,Β Β these children will help end the cycle of poverty that has gripped their families.Β This program is projected to cost about $16,000.

How can you help?Β 

Make a donation atΒ www.majengo.orgΒ or
Email us atΒ simone@majengo.orgΒ for more information