Stay In, Reach Out

Majengo Children’s Home is facing many challenges because of the spread of the coronavirus. We are developing new programs to tackle this issue and we need your help to launch them.

Inside our gates we implemented isolation two weeks ago, and all the live-in children are home and safe at MCH. However, our food and medical costs are increasing significantly. We are also deeply concerned about the children and families outside our gates who are enrolled in our community programming. They currently have no access to preventative information or supplies. Many do not have running water for simple hand washing practices.


While still providing the best care for the children and staff, we want to extend our reach beyond our walls and protect the broader community. We are initiating the distribution of a minimum of 120 Coronavirus Handwashing Emergency Kits (CHEK) to families all around the Majengo community. Each CHEK will include soap, a bucket for water with a tap which is critical in areas without running water, and an information booklet about social distancing, handwashing and coronavirus. The booklet relies heavily on pictures to educate both children and adult members of the community regardless of their literacy skills. In addition to the CHEK, we’re also desperate to get thermometers and masks for each family. Though these are difficult to source we are hopeful.

One CHEK to protect one family costs only $25.

These kits will be distributed safely by an employee of Majengo Children’s Home who will wear protective gear, maintain proper social distancing and educate each family about the kit and what is inside.

Your donation will provide the equipment needed to produce a CHEK and to safely deliver these kits. It will also help us maintain the safe and healthy environment at Majengo Children’s Home

For $50 you can support two families. 

While you stay in, reach out. By staying home, you stop the spread here. By reaching out you can help stop the spread there.