Thank You & Happy New Year from 185 Majengo Children!

Thank you for a wonderful 2018!

Our 10thbirthday year was a successful one thanks to you. We were able to provide life’s essentials to all of our Majengo children, while also completing several crucial projects. We could not have done any of this without YOU.

Some of our biggest successes this year:


Enhanced Medical Program: Last year, in addition to our general health care program, we were able to collaborate with a larger hospital to get cardiology exams and full physicals for all children. We will now have more complete files and better baselines of the health of each child.  

Animal Husbandry Program Expansion: The animal husbandry program, which began in 2018, is thriving. This year saw the birth of a calf, as well as the addition of a new adult cow who is expecting a baby in the coming months. Our one non pregnant cow produces 6L of milk a day – which has reduced our daily order by 35%. Once the other cows give birth, this percentage will increase!

Community Development Expansion:The Community Development Programs help support local vulnerable children through education and mentorship. In late 2018, we expanded the Live-Out, Pre-School and Masai Girl programs with the goal of reaching a broader community base. Because of this expansion, we have grown from 55 to 90 children and families served in the greater Mto Wa Mbu area.

Library: We built a cozy new library full of wonderful new books and reference materials. Children can access it now after school and on the weekends.

Hygiene 3.0 Program:Hygiene and sanitation have been improved at Majengo with the installation of a safe garbage disposal system, which will reduce smoke caused by waste burning. We also have two new tanks that will ensure consistent and reliable access to water for all children, and three new water pits will facilitate safe drainage of waste water. Finally, we installed tiles in all buildings, which will ensure more sanitary cleaning practices. All of these initiatives will help prevent communicable disease and sanitation-related illness at the centre.

Graduations: In 2018, we had 2 live-in children graduate from pre-school and 17 children graduate from Grade 7. All of the Grade 7s have been selected for secondary school, and our recent Form 4 graduate will be attending a program in social work in Dar Es Salaam.

New Children: We accepted two new children who were in need of a safe and healthy place to live. Anitha (3) (pictured) and Maria (7) have both settled in well and have been happily welcomed into the Majengo family.




Thank you so much for your donations. We would not be the warm and loving home we are today without your ongoing support.

We are looking forward to a wonderful 2019 with you.


When I grow up I want to be the boss.

– Hussein, 6