The Future is Brighter with You!


…and we want to thank you for your generous contributions. 

If you have already donated, we are very grateful.

With 2.6 million orphans living in Tanzania and almost 50% of the population living below the poverty line of $1.90 USD a day, we still have lots of work to do.

You have played a big part in changing this statistic for all of the children currently touched by the Majengo Children’s Home, but we still need your help.

Meet Maria…

Meet Maria, a 7-year-old girl who came to Majengo in early 2018 when her home situation became unstable and volatile. Though Maria was once enrolled in one of our community development programs, the Majengo Preschool, she now lives at the Majengo Children’s Home full-time. Without the close monitoring and evaluation of our Majengo community programs, we never would have recognized Maria’s need, and she wouldn’t have found a home at Majengo. Without our preschool, Maria never would have gotten a chance.

Today, Maria can’t stop smiling and has found a warm and loving home with all the other children at the Majengo Children’s Home.

We were able to give her this home and this opportunity because of you.

In addition to the preschool, Majengo offers other community outreach programs, such as the Live-Out program. The Live-Out program provides at-risk children in the Majengo community with educational opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have.
Meet Joshua…
Meet Joshua, a 15-year-old boy in his first year of secondary school through the Live-Out program. He loves biology and chemistry, and when he grows up, he hopes to become a neurologist. With your help, he can achieve these goals.

Thanks to your generosity over the past decade, we have helped many children reach their full potential. Help us expand our reach and touch the lives of even more children in the greater Majengo community by donating today.

Life at Majengo in Pictures: 
Philipo & Ruthie playing on the weekend (top left)
Amina and Judith reading in the library (top right)
The pre-schoolers helping move the books into the new library (bottom left)
Jimmy having a quick nap in the office with Rafiki the pup (bottom right)

GIVING TUESDAY is November 27th

Join the movement dedicated to giving back. Donate on Giving Tuesday to help the 155 children and families supported by the Majengo Children’s Home.