Twelve Memories We Made at Majengo in 2012!

On the 12th day, of the 12th month we have 12 things to share!


It’s almost the end of 2019, and over this holiday season we want to share our top 12 favourite memories from this year that we are so grateful to have had.


1. We got a new puppy and named it King.


2. We went zip-lining!

3. We made our own toys.

4. We ate 4572 lbs of rice.


5. Abdul learned how to play cards.

6. Hussein learned how to ride a bike.

7. David decided he wants to become a doctor when he grows up.


8. We got connected to the grid electricity after years of waiting!

9. We learned how to play the recorder.

10. We started using a school bus!


11. Of our Live-In children:  3 graduated from pre-school,  18 graduated from Grade 7, 9 graduated from Form 4, and 1 graduated from college.

12.The Majengo pre-school has 15 graduates headed off to grade 1 next year.


It is thanks to your support that we have been able to make such wonderful memories this year.

For those of you who have supported us already in 2019, thank you – we couldn’t do it without you.

If you have not had a chance to make a donation yet, it’s not too late!  There is still time to support Majengo and its children before the end of the tax year.

Donate online now by clcking here or send a cheque to Majengo Canada- P.O. Box 155001, 1507 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON – M4T 1Z0.