Ways To Give

Corporate Partnerships

Sponsor a Child

When you sponsor a child for Basic Needs or Education, you will be matched with a child at Majengo who you will be helping to support. While your donation will support the basic needs and education of all the Majengo children, we will send you bi-annual updates and pictures about the child you are paired with, so you can see how you are building futures at Majengo.


$635 for Primary and $875 for Secondary or College students. Sponsoring a child for education will send them to school for either a primary, secondary or college education.

Basic Needs - $979

Sponsoring a child for basic needs provides all the necessities for growing up, including food, medical care, and shelter.

Community Development

Community development projects help support children in the Majengo village area who do not have the means to access education. We believe education empowers children and helps provide a brighter future for the whole community.

Masai Girls Program - $700

It is said when you educate a girl, you empower a community. Masai girls are some of the most vulnerable members of the Majengo community. The Masai Girls Education Program aims to give young women the opportunity to attend primary school, secondary school, trade school or university.

Live-Out - $300

Helps Majengo provide education to a child in need, who has a guardian to care for them, but not enough resources to provide schooling.

Pre-School - $475

Provides a 3-6 year old child from the Majengo community with access to pre-school, books, and a uniform. The pre-school provides safety and security to the pre-school students as well as an education and food. It also allows the child's guardian to work while they know their child is being cared for.

Building Blocks

Your building block donation will go where it is needed most, to help every child at Majengo grow and thrive.

Rice for a Day - $20

At Majengo, rice is a staple! Every month we eat 260 kilograms of rice for lunches and dinners (and after-school snacks)! For a small donation, you can purchase 8.5 kilograms of rice, which is one day's worth at Majengo!

Personal Hygiene Pack (girl) - $35

In many parts of the world, when young women have their periods, they are not able to attend school. Help keep a Majengo girl in school all month long by purchasing a personal hygiene pack. For a small donation, you’ll help a girl go to school all year long. The hygiene kit includes a towel, soap, pads, and vaseline.  

Food Staples Pack - $60

Corn and beans are staples of the diet in Tanzania. They’re eaten separately and combined several times a week. They provide nutrition to our kids and keep them full until their next meal. For a small donation, you can provide a Majengo child with corn and beans for a whole year!

Medical Care for Two - $160

Help us provide two children with access to all the medical care they would need for a year - including a yearly physical, doctor visits, and vaccinations.

Special occasions and other

Donate Securities

If you want to be more strategic in your charitable giving, you can donate them to Raymond James Ltd. to create your own donor advised fund. Raymond James Ltd. will receive the donation, sell the stock and forward the donation to Majengo Canada. You will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your donation. If you are interested, please contact Richard Hart at rhart@3macs.com or 514-393-3344.

Become a Monthly Donor

Regular monthly gifts provide the children at Majengo Children’s Home a chance to be a kid. Your gift of as little as $10 each month will make a difference in the life of a child. $10 = 20 meals. Contact Simone at info@majengo.org to sign up.

United Way Payroll

In Canada, through your employer’s United Way campaign, you can direct your United Way gift or payroll deduction to Majengo Children’s Home. It’s easy. Simply fill in “Majengo Canada” and our charitable number (831444310RR0001) on the United Way form provided to you by your workplace.

Legacy Gifting

Estate gifts create a meaningful legacy when you designate Majengo Children’s Home as a beneficiary of your estate.

Commemorate a Loved One

Donate in honour of a loved one online or by cheque, and we will send a card on your behalf.

Special Events

Celebrate Your Birthday, Anniversary or Special Event with Majengo. We will provide you with materials to help you celebrate (decorations, invitations, thank you cards).