We Need A Hand

Our apologies for duplicate e-mails. The tech problem in the initial e-mail has been resolved. Thank you to our supporters for bringing it to our attention.
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To our wonderful Majengo family, 

We are so grateful for your donations thus far to help us get through this extremely challenging time. We are writing to you today with an urgent request.

We could really use a hand.

With schools reopening in Tanzania in a few short days, we need your help. Though the students whose primary residence is Majengo will be provided with soap, thousands of children in the community will not have access to soap or proper handwashing facilities at school. After working closely with an infection control practitioner here in North America, we know now more than ever how important soap and handwashing are.

Majengo wants to equip 16 schools with buckets, taps and bars of soap to provide approximately 9,000 students’ additional access to handwashing, something we take for granted every day. 

For only $0.40, you can provide a child with two bars of soap and a carrying case.

For $7 you can provide a school with a simple tap and bucket. We need to raise $4,650 USD to provide these essential facilities to approximately 9,000 students and their teachers at these 16 local schools. Each school will also receive educational material about hand and respiratory hygiene, social distancing and the coronavirus.

A donation of $50 can supply 4 buckets and 30 students with soap. 

It has been well established that handwashing is critical in the fight against many illnesses, especially diarrheal disease, which is a leading cause of child mortality in Sub Saharan Africa. Today, in our fight against the coronavirus, handwashing continues to be our biggest defence against the spread of disease. 

If you can, please donate online at www.majengo.org . Your donation will help provide these essentials to thousands of children, and help us maintain high quality care of the Majengo children and the surrounding community.

For more information on the status of the coronavirus in Tanzania, please read these articles from The Guardian and Al Jazeera. 

We are so grateful for your consideration of our request.

Simone Lee Hamilton                         Joseph Moshi
Executive Director of Operations        Manager of Operations