Work Hard, Play Harder!

ShareForwardIt’s PLAYTIME at Majengo!

Life at Majengo can be pretty eventful. 

We have school work, studying, and chores. But… even though we are busy – we always make time to play! At Majengo, the children are inventive and resourceful and often make toys and games out of whatever they can find around the centre, or on their walks home.

This month in honour of the June holidays and the summertime…we want to show you all the playing that goes on at Majengo.

We may work hard, but we play hard too!
Skipping in Style

When there is no skipping rope around, that’s ok! Fausta found a piece of vine on her walk home and made her own skipping rope. She also found a longer one, so she can skip with her friends, too!

Playing Dress-Up

We also use what is around us to play make-believe, and to get some laughs. Jimmy, with the help of some dust and an old stick, has dressed as a babu (or a grandfather) to make his fellows giggle.

We Never Tire of Tires!

Tires are a source of many games at Majengo. They can be used to chase after, they can be used as a hula hoop, and they can be used for acrobatics. A multi-purpose toy that is enjoyed by all!

Not Your Average Soccer Ball

We do have lots of soccer balls at Majengo, but sometimes, we also choose to make our own. The ones we make don’t pop either! Here, Adam shows off his soccer ball, made of old socks in the centre, plastic bags he recycled around the outside and rope to hold it all together.

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!

With an old water bottle and a pair of scissors, we make pin-wheels. If you put your finger in the middle and run really fast with it in front of you, it turns and turns in the wind. It is fun to have pin-wheel races with your friends.

We’re Having a Ball

The fruit and flowers on trees can also act as small balls for catching and throwing games, and for games like jacks (or mdako) in Swahili.

It’s Hammertime!

We sometimes make play tools out of sticks, and things we recycle from the kitchen. We can use these to build other toys!

The Fun Never Stops!

The creativity doesn’t end there. There are many other inventive games played at Majengo. These games keep life fun, interesting and interactive.

Though these games and toys are made from recycled materials, your donations help us buy new and essential supplies for Majengo to keep life full. Did you know a donation of $45 can buy 95 toothbrushes for the Majengo kids?

If you want to help keep life bursting with joy, fun and essentials – donate to our basic needs program online at