Your Majengo Mid-Year Update!



We wouldn’t be celebrating this milestone birthday without the generosity of donors like you who have made every bit of progress possible.

Over the last 12 months, we have welcomed 7 new children into the Majengo family, implemented our Exit Strategy Program which helps our 18-year-old children reintegrate into their communities, and completed 5 projects from our wish list. This wouldn’t have been possible without you!


Majengo is made up of:

-3 children in post-secondary school

-21 children in secondary school

-70 children in primary school with 17 graduating in 2018

-55 children enrolled in Majengo’s Community Development Projects


“One day, when I have lots of money, I will give it to someone else who needs it more than I do”

– Bushoke, 12




We have successfully implemented several projects at Majengo this year, including:

  • A New Cow, Goat, Duck & Chicken House: to keep our animals safe and fed, and to help teach the children farming and animal care.
  • New Wash Sinks for Clothes & Dishesto allow the use of running water and to eliminate stagnant water with improved drainage.
  • A New Plumbing System: to separate clean and dirty water, and ensure the children have consistent access to clean water.
  • A New House: to comfortably house 32 children, open up space in other houses, and eventual­ly allow us to welcome more children into Majengo.
  • A New Library: to provide a space for reading and homework, and encourage reading for fun.

Clockwise from left:
1. The new house
2. Joshua, Paulina and Esther with our new chickens
3. Wilburt using the new kitchen sink
4. Ruthie and Ameni washing clothes and chatting on the new laundry sink.


Saida, reading a book in our cozy new library corner!




We are so grateful that you have been a part of the Majengo story. We would not have had 10 years of incredible success and growth without you.

Here’s to 10 more!

Asante means Thank You in Swahili!




All donations $3.00 or more made through Canada Helps to Majengo Canada in the month of June enters us to win a $10,000 grand prize! With $10,000 we could pay for 20,000 meals, support 10 children’s basic needs, or expand our Community Development Programs to include more children! Help us by donating online! Every dollar is one more chance to win!

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Special Thank You…

Thanks to all those that attended our most recent Taste the World fundraising dinner in Warren.  The evening was filled with wonderful people and great food.  Here are a few pictures.