You’re Invited! Grains Vs. Grapes Goes Virtual!

You’re Invited to:
The 10th Annual Grains vs. Grapes 
Saturday, January 30, 2021
6:45 Log In
7:00 PM Let the Fun Begin
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What is a Virtual Grains vs. Grapes Event
and Why Should I Attend?

Over the last 10 years, our US partner Warren Majengo Foundation has hosted an elegant beer and wine pairing dinner event each fall.  Typically, it has been a 5-course meal of unusual and delightful small plates created by Ian Ashbaugh (board treasurer and brilliant chef), each paired with a beer and wine.  Each beer and wine is carefully selected to match the meal.  After each small plate, diners vote for their preferred beverage and a winner is selected, wine or beer! 😋

This year, due to COVID restrictions, we are going to host a virtual event.  We know that many people look forward to this event every year to gather, share a meal, meet friends, and get a little update on what is happening at Majengo.  This annual event is also WMF’s largest single fundraiser and provides a significant contribution towards Majengo’s yearly operating costs.  So for our guests and for the kids, the show must go on!

New this year, we are excited to bring you  for the first time ever  – direct updates from the staff and kids on the ground at Majengo Children’s Home via videos.  You will be able to see how Majengo helped the surrounding community by providing handwashing kits and food packets as well as at-home school essentials.  Join us to see the exciting work that has been going on!

How does it work?

It’s simple. We will send you a shopping list of items to purchase and prepare for the night of the event. The menu will contain everyday food items that will each be paired with a wine and a beer.

During the event, our beer and wine experts will have a live debate on who made the best pairing for each of the five courses.  Then with the magic of a simple Zoom poll, we can all vote for a winner while we enjoy some video updates from Tanzania.

If getting groceries or drinks is tough right now (#lockdown!), then we encourage you to open a bottle of your favourite wine, or crack open your favourite beer and vote for this year’s winner of Grains vs. Grapes based solely on the case presented.

The event will be approximately 1 hour.
How can you help?

  • Put the date on your calendar NOW and purchase your tickets.
  • Look for the menu information 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • Spread the word – tell others to save the date and be part of this exciting annual event.

Tickets are only $25!

Get yours today and come join the fun!