Our History

Co-founded by Lynn Connell of Canada and Matt McKissock of the United States.




When Majengo’s founder Lynn Connell visited Tanzania in 2008, she discovered a need to provide local children, many of whom had been orphaned or made homeless by HIV/AIDS, with shelter, food, and basic care in order to keep them off the streets. A local man had begun running a makeshift daycare, sheltering the children in a mud-floored local building. The children were receiving one meal a day, and at night the 10 youngest were crammed into two twin beds. The other 22 children were left to fend for themselves. The situation was dire.

Lynn returned to Canada and raised funds through family and friends to establish Majengo Children’s Home. A friend of Lynn’s from the US, Matt McKissock, visited Majengo and was so inspired by the project that he and Lynn partnered to establish the US-based charity, the Warren Majengo Foundation.

Thus, the Majengo family was born.



Since 2008, Majengo Children’s Home has grown from 27 to more than 260 children. Sixty-four children are now living on a 10-acre piece of land donated by the Tanzanian government as well as over 200 children being supported in the community. Our local partner and agent, Mwalimu Anna’s English Medium School, provides education, management and leadership vision to Majengo.

While Majengo began as a children’s home, today it is so much more. 

With a focus on community endeavours, Majengo has expanded its reach much further and continues to support hundreds of families every year with capacity building programs. In 2022, Majengo ran a number of training programs focusing on different topics such as female genital mutilation training, a domestic violence seminar, as well as more individualized sessions with families of the Majengo children. 

Now, in our 15th year, we hope to continue to capacity build in the Majengo community with more programs and trainings. Coming up we have livestock and agriculture seminars and training, reproductive health seminars, period poverty reduction programs, malaria prevention programs, and many more. 

Through these initiatives, we are not only supporting the Majengo kids, but the whole community.



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